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Beccy Pleasant

“We first worked with TRS when Magnox needed to start downsizing its organisation as operations finished at different sites. We needed a platform for sharing those people within the NDA estate community and also with selected partner organisations, so that skilled individuals we’d trained and developed could continue to add value in the nuclear industry, via controlled and managed exit routes. TRS had an ideal platform that they tailored to fit our needs. We started using it three years ago and it’s really taken hold. We now encourage all our organisations to use it to match vacancies in one area with surplus skills in another.

We’ve found it far more beneficial working with TRS than a commercial consultancy, where it can often be all about the money. TRS have a much more collaborative and intelligent approach and they’re incredibly flexible. They’re thinking about the greater good rather than financial gain. We’re also exploring how they can help with graduate and apprentice recruitment. The NDA estate is massively oversubscribed and has to turn away many good people, so we’re looking at using the TRS platform to share them with our partner organisations. That’s another great thing about TRS – they understand the whole resourcing piece.”