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Neil Franklin

“A major employer in the rail industry can attract thousands of applicants for apprenticeship opportunities but may only have places for a hundred. Wouldn’t it be good if those surplus candidates could be shared with the rest of the industry? That was the simple start point for our first conversation with TRS.

It’s really developed momentum since then and we’ve now expanded the concept – NSAR Connect – to include graduates and students looking for placements. I think that’s just the beginning. The platform we’ve developed with TRS means that anywhere in the rail industry where there’s a surplus of candidates in one area we have a mechanism for deploying them in another.  And if our remit broadens to other transport sectors, then there’s every chance we’ll use the concept there too.

Everyone thinks it’s a fantastic idea – both those companies with surplus candidates and those who are looking for candidates. Most SMEs don’t have a dedicated HR specialist and their recruitment activity can be quite ad hoc. If they register with us, they have access to hundreds if not thousands of talented people, all wishing to work in the rail sector. This is all about putting the right people in front of employers for the good of the rail industry.

NSAR Connect is very much driven by the knowledge the TRS team has put into it. Why would we start from scratch when they have a proven system and the intelligence and agility to deliver? This is just the first step in our relationship.”